Play & Pray Session Themes

The puppet scripts introduce the themes of each Play & Pray session.


Session 1: Prayer
Basil and Percy on prayer
Suggested prayer stations: Play dough, Baby massageBubblesFruitCrawling/rolling, Mirrors, Cuddling up with God

Session 2: Art and prayer
Basil and Percy on art and prayer
Suggested prayer stations: HandwashingFinger paintingBubblesCards

Session 3: A walk
Basil and Percy go on a beach prayer walk
Basil and Percy go on a prayer walk
Suggested prayer stations: A walk, Treasure boxes

Session 4: Being special
Basil and Percy on being special
Suggested prayer stations: Pictures and things!BubblesPlay doughLying down, Doodle prayer

Session 5: Building up
Basil and Percy each build a house
Basil and Percy just being
Suggested prayer stations: Fruit, Praying for other people, HandwashingBig pictureBuilding and knocking downSand bucketsMusical instruments

Session 6: Journeys
Basil and Percy on a journey
Basil and Percy say goodbye
Suggested prayer stations: Bulb plantingTravellingCars, SkittlesBubblesPlay dough

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