Beach walk puppet script – Basil and Percy go on a beach prayer walk

Basil: Hello everyone, are you having fun?

Percy: I think I must have a bit of fluff in my ear, I didn’t hear that.

Basil: Are you having fun?

Percy: I think that blew the fluff out.

Basil: How are we going to pray today Percy?

Percy: Well, we’re going on a prayer walk on the beach today.

Basil: Oh, the beach, I love the beach, I love the sand and the shells and the sea splashing!
Percy: Yes Basil, I know you love the beach.

Basil: How is it prayer though?

Percy: Well, we will walk slowly and look and see what we notice.

Basil: Oh, I love those kinds of walks Percy!

Percy: Yes, I know you do.

Basil: Yes, because I can see beetles and tiny flowers and loads of things I miss when we have to hurry.

Percy: Yes, I remember.

Basil: Do you get to bring the thing home with you, because I like it best if I can bring it home and look at it there?

Percy: Yes, Basil, you can take it home, unless it is a beetle or fish or something because that wouldn’t be kind.

Basil: I don’t get how it’s praying though.

Percy: Well, it’s good to just take time to notice and thank God for what God has created and see how big the sea and the sky are and how little we are and how God loves everything.

Basil: Oh, I like doing that, but I didn’t know it was praying.

Percy: Well, it is one way to pray and I think God likes us to say thank you.

Basil: Oh, can I try it now then – I am so excited to be going to the beach!

Percy: Yes, Basil!

Basil: Bye, bye everyone, see you next week.

Percy: Yes, see you next week.

(Handout: Basil and Percy go on a beach prayer walk)

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