Farewell puppet script – Basil and Percy say goodbye

Basil: Oh, that was quick wasn’t it?

Percy: It was, and now it’s time to say goodbye.

Basil: We don’t normally say goodbye now.

Percy: Well, today it is the last one.

Basil: Oh, that’s very sad.

Percy: It is.

Basil: I have enjoyed being here.

Percy: So have I, maybe we can think about what we have liked most before we go.

Basil: Oh, I liked the messy bits, they did get very messy didn’t they!

Percy: Yes, they did and I liked seeing everyone here every week.

Basil: I wonder what everyone else liked most, shall we ask?
Percy: Yes, I think so, what did you like best?

Basil: Do you know what I would like to do now?

Percy: No, what would you like to do Basil?

Basil: I’d like us all to shout a big thank you to God.

Percy: Shall we do that?

Basil: After three then, one, two, three, thank you God!

Percy: Again? Louder this time!

Basil: One, two, three, thank you God!

Percy: Oh, that was good!

Basil: Is it time to go now, Percy?

Percy: Yes, I think so, bye bye everyone.

Basil: Yes, bye bye.

(Handout: Basil and Percy say goodbye)

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