Journey puppet script – Basil and Percy on a journey

Basil: Hello everyone, how are you?

Percy: I think they have gone to sleep.

Basil: It sounds like it, can you shout louder?

Percy: Hello, how are you?

Basil: That nearly blew my hat off again! Can I tell everyone about the trip we went on at the weekend?

Percy: Well, it wasn’t very exciting, I’m not sure they will want to hear.

Basil: Well, I’ll ask, do you want to hear about our trip?

Percy: So, they do.

Basil: Well, we were going on a long journey at the weekend – we went to the farm!

Percy: It isn’t really that far Basil.

Basil: Oh it is, and to begin with it took AGES!

Percy: Well, we did have to go on the bus.

Basil: Yes, and you got a bit fed up of me asking “Are we nearly there yet?”. Didn’t you?

Percy: Yes, I am sorry, I did, but we had only just got to the bottom of the street on the bus when you began to ask that.

Basil: I suppose we had only been going a few minutes, but I was very excited to be going to the farm, I’d never been before!

Percy: Yes, I hadn’t really thought about that.

Basil: But you had a good idea, you said I should ask God to bless everyone I saw and I could do it in my head if I wanted.

Percy: Yes, you could imagine God hugging and blessing everyone you saw out of the window.

Basil: And when they got on and off the bus, and the bus driver.

Percy: Yes, and then when we got to the farm.

Basil: And I was so excited because there were lots of baby animals, there were little lambs with knobbly knees and fluffy yellow chicks!

Percy: They were very sweet weren’t they?

Basil: Yes, and I imagined God hugging and blessing all the animals while we saw everything and it was wonderful because it really felt that God loved it all so much.

Percy: It was a good day, wasn’t it?

Basil: Yes, it was and praying helped me to see everything.

Percy: Well, we’re going to do something like that today.

Basil: Oh good.

Percy: We are going to decorate cars and buses made out of boxes, then we can sit in a pretend bus, or car, or train and pretend to be on a journey and think of all the people we can ask God to bless.

Basil: Like I did the day we went to the farm.

Percy: Yes.

Basil: Oh, that’s a lot, we’d better go, so we don’t miss it!

Percy: See you later.

Basil: Yes, see you later.

(Handout: Basil and Percy on a journey)

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