Prayer walk puppet script – Basil and Percy go on a prayer walk

Basil: Hello everyone, are you having fun?

Percy: I think I must have a bit of fluff in my ear, I didn’t hear that.

Basil: Are you having fun?

Percy: I think that blew the fluff out.

Basil: How are we going to pray today Percy?

Percy: Well, we’re going on a prayer walk today.

Basil: what’s that like then. Is it like a sponsored walk?

Percy: No Basil, it’s like taking a slow walk and looking for something interesting.

Basil: Oh, I love those kinds of walks, Percy!

Percy: Yes, I know you do.

Basil: Yes, because I can see beetles and tiny flowers and loads of things I miss normally.

Percy: Yes, I remember.

Basil: Do you get to bring the thing home with you, because I like it best if I can bring it home and look at it there.

Percy: Yes, Basil, you can take it home.

Basil: Because last time I couldn’t take home what I found could I?

Percy: No Basil, you couldn’t, can you remember what it was?

Basil: Yes, it was a beautiful shell, it was really lovely.

Percy: Can you remember where it was Basil?

Basil: Well, it was stuck to a bit of rock wasn’t it?

Percy: Yes, Basil and can you remember what the bit of rock was stuck on?

Basil: The lighthouse and we couldn’t get the shell off could we?

Percy: No, we couldn’t.

Basil: We did try though.

Percy: Yes, Basil, we did try for quite a while.

Basil: So we had to leave it there didn’t we?

Percy: Yes, Basil we did.

Basil: I don’t get how it’s praying though.

Percy: Well, it’s good to just take time to notice, and thank God for what God has created.

Basil: Oh, I like doing that, but I didn’t know it was praying.

Percy: Well, it is one way to pray and I think God likes us to say thank you.

Basil: Oh, can I try it now then – are there any shells?

Percy: Yes, Basil, there are would you like to see?

Basil: Oh, yes please, bye bye everyone, see you next week.

Percy: Yes, see you next week.

(Handout: Basil and Percy go on a prayer walk)

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