You are special puppet script – Basil and Percy on being special

Percy: Hello, have you seen Basil? I can’t find him. Can we call him? Basil!

Basil: I’m here.

Percy: What are you doing down there?

Basil: Well, I’m hiding

Percy: Why are you hiding?

Basil: There’s lots of people.

Percy: But Basil, you know everyone here, why are you afraid?

Basil: I can’t tell you.

Percy: Why not?

Basil: I’m embarrassed.

Percy: Come on Basil, you can tell me.

Basil: Well, OK then, you know yesterday I went to the park?

Percy: Yes, Basil.

Basil: Well, when I was on the slide, a boy pointed at me and laughed.

Percy: What were you doing, were you telling a joke?

Basil: No, I was just sliding down the slide.

Percy: What do you think he was laughing about Basil?

Basil: I don’t know.

Percy: What do you think it might be?

Basil: I don’t know, but I worry I might be different from other people.

Percy: But Basil, of course you are different from other people, everyone is different from everyone else, it’s what makes each person special.

Basil: Really, am I special then, Percy?

Percy: Of course you are, everyone is, that’s how God made us.

Basil: Really?

Percy: Yes, we’re all different from each other, but we’re all like God in different ways.

Basil: Oh, like you are different from me, but we are both a bit like Mum.

Percy: Yes, we are all a bit like God in some way and God wants us to show that bit of God to everyone else.

Basil: So, being different is good?

Percy: Yes.

Basil: Oh, that’s OK then. So, what are we going to do with God today, Percy?

Percy: Well, one of the things is to find something on one of the mats that we think is special.

Basil: That sounds good, and how is that being with God?

Percy: Well Basil, we’re going to ask God what God is saying to us through the special thing we pick.

Basil: Can God do that?

Percy: Oh yes.

Basil: So is it that just like each one of us is special, and God made everything special and everything shows us a bit of what God is like?

Percy: Yes and we can also see the special thing we have chosen and remember we are special to God too.

Basil: How wonderful, shall we go now?

Percy: Yes, I think so, bye bye everyone.

Basil: Bye.

(Handout: Basil and Percy on being special)

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