Being special puppet script – Basil and Percy just being

Percy: Hello everybody – have you seen Basil?

Percy: Let’s call him… Basil, where are you?

Percy: Oh, there you are, we were looking for you.

Basil: Sorry I’m late, I have been very busy.

Percy: Oh, what have you been doing?

Basil: I have been packing up all my games and toys to go to the seaside with you later.

Percy: All of them?

Basil: Oh yes, there’s cricket and football and a body board and a bucket and spade and…

Percy: That’s a lot, will we have time to do all that?

Basil: Yes, we’re going to be there ALL afternoon and we have to make sure there’s lots to do.

Percy: But Basil, when will we have time to just be together and look at the BIG sea and the waves?

Basil: I thought you would want to play?

Percy: Well I do, but I would also like to just be together too.

Basil: Just sit together and listen to the sea and the birds you mean?

Percy: Yes.

Basil: I like doing that.

Percy: So do I.

Basil: And when we do that I notice the sea and the sky are REALLY BIG and I am REALLY SMALL.

Percy: Yes, and it reminds me how big God is too.

Basil: Yes, is that what we are going to do this morning, Percy?

Percy: Yes, we’re going to have a story, and play with some sand, and just imagine God there loving us.

Basil: Oh, I like the sound of that. It makes me sleepy though.

Percy: That’s OK, sometimes we need to sleep and we can just sleep in God’s arms and be loved.

Basil: Oh, that sounds lovely; shall we do that now then?

Percy: Yes, I think so. Bye bye everyone.

Basil: See you next week.

(Handout: Basil and Percy just being)

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