Welcome puppet script – Basil and Percy on prayer

Basil: Oh Percy, come quick, there’s lots of people here.

Percy: So there is, Basil.

Basil: Hello, I’m Basil and I’m a beefeater.

Percy: And I’m Percy, and I’m a policeman. Is everyone OK?

Basil: I didn’t hear that, did you Percy?

Percy: No, is everyone OK?

Basil: Oh, that nearly blew my hat off!

Percy: I’ve never been here before, have you Basil?

Basil: No, I haven’t, it’s nice though isn’t it? What do people do here, Percy?

Percy: Well, I think they come here to worship God and pray.

Basil: Oh, I know how to pray! You close your eyes and put your hands together and kneel against the bed… er, no bed!

Percy: You’re right, there’s no bed here!

Basil: So, how do people pray when there’s no bed?

Percy: Well, there’s lots of ways to pray, you don’t always need a bed.

Basil: Really?

Percy: Yes Basil, and we are going to be here every Tuesday for 6 weeks looking at different ways to pray.

Basil: Are there that many ways to pray?

Percy: Yes Basil, because prayer is about spending time with God and there are loads of ways to do that!

Basil: Oh, like when I’m with you we do different things?

Percy: That’s right, Basil.

Basil: What will we do with God today then?

Percy: Well, one thing we can do is to eat some fruit.

Basil: Percy, are you sure that’s praying?

Percy: Yes, you know Basil, how you are a beefeater and when we have beef and you like to try some new mustard with it, you eat it slowly.

Basil: Yes, it would be a shame to hurry that. Oh, and I like to thank God that I have beef and new mustard – oh, is that praying?

Percy: Yes Basil, it is.

Basil: I think of how some people don’t have food when I am saying thank you.

Percy: Yes, and that is praying too.

Basil: Oh, I never realised that. It’s like God’s here all the time, isn’t it?

Percy: I think so!

Basil: Can we go and eat something now because I’m hungry talking about food?

Percy: Yes, bye, bye.

Basil: Bye! See you next week!

(Handout: Basil and Percy on prayer)

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