Capacitar means ‘to empower’. It is an international network with the vision to heal ourselves and to heal our world. Using a hands-on popular education approach, Capacitar teaches simple wellness practices that lead to healing, wholeness and peace in the individual and in the world.

The Rocking Movement:

Stand with feet apart and hands at side.

Raise your heels and with palms facing upwards, raise your hands to the level of your chest.

Turn your palms downwards and move your hands downward while you lower your heels.

Rock back and forth, breathing deeply, allow your shoulders to drop and relax your arms and fingers.

Imagine your feet planted firmly on the ground.

As you raise your hands, imagine God’s love and healing and that, as you bring your arms down you bring God’s love and healing into your body.

The Shower of Light:

With left foot forward, raise your hands up over your head, then move them down, as you do this, ask God to shower you with light.

Feel the energy cleansing and filling your being. Repeat on the right side.

Breathe in God’s shower of light and then as you breathe out, let go of all the things that take away your energy.

Let go of the Past and Open to Receive:

With the left foot forward, palms curved softly outwards in a gentle arc, letting go of all tension, negativity, and hurt in you. Turn palms upward and draw them back towards the chest, breathing in God’s peace and healing.

Repeat with right foot.

Fly through the Air:

With your left foot forward, your left hand upward, swim or fly through the air. The motion should be free and light with arms and shoulders relaxed.

Repeat with the right side. Fly freely through the air letting go of all the things that weigh you down, feeling light alive and free. Open your heart to God’s possibilities for your life and healing.

Mediation of Light:

Stand still and imagine God’s light over your head. Then breathe it into your body, see it go throughout your body and notice the sense of lightness.

Breathe out any darkness.

(Handout: Capacitar exercises)


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