Building up puppet script – Basil and Percy each build a house

Basil: Hello everyone

Percy: Yes, hello, it’s good to see you all again.

Basil: Shall we tell everyone about our day at the seaside on Saturday?

Percy: Do you think they would like to hear?

Basil: I’ll ask, would you like to hear about it?

Percy: I don’t think they would.

Basil: Would you like to hear?

Percy: Well, we’d better tell them then!

Basil: We went to the beach didn’t we, because it was less foggy.

Percy: It was and we decided to have a competition to see who could build the biggest sandcastle.

Basil: We did and we had till lunch time.

Percy: I decided to build mine on the rocks, so it would be safe from the sea.

Basil: I built mine on the beach, because that’s where the sand is.

Percy: Yes, mine took longer to build because I had to keep taking my bucket to the beach to get more sand.

Basil: So mine grew very quickly and was enormous by lunch time!

Percy: Mine was still quite small by lunch, so Basil won the competition.

Basil: I got to have an ice cream because I won didn’t I?

Percy: Yes, Basil, you did, but what happened next?

Basil: Oh we don’t need to say about that do we?

Percy: I’m sure everyone would like to hear?

Basil: Are you sure Percy?

Percy: Yes, you’d like to hear wouldn’t you?

Basil: OK then, well, I decided after my ice cream, to have a little sleep in my bucket in my sandcastle.

Percy: And I decided to go and build up my sandcastle a bit more. When I looked up I saw the sea had come in and was all around Basil’s sandcastle! So I called to him, but he didn’t hear.

Basil: that’s because I was fast asleep!

Percy: Well, as I ran down the beach the sea got higher and Basil, in his bucket began to float out to sea.

Basil: I was dreaming about being in a boat.

Percy: So I called the coast guard and they sent out a life boat to get Basil.

Basil: when I heard Percy calling me I had a big fright to see I was in the sea in my bucket and I didn’t even have my spade to use as a paddle, so I prayed and asked God to help me.

Percy: Thankfully the life boat was very quick.

Basil: It was good to be back on dry land, Percy, how are we going to pray today?

Percy: well, we’ve got lots of different things about how is God building us up and how we can pray for each other.

Basil: Oh good, shall we go then?

Percy: Yes, I think so. Bye bye!

Basil: See you next week!

(Handout: Basil and Percy each build a house)

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