Art puppet script – Basil and Percy on art and prayer

Basil: Oh Percy, look, we’re here again with everyone.

Percy: So we are Basil.

Basil: Hello everybody!

Percy: Hello!

Basil: Look Percy, this is like a slide.

Percy: So it is Basil.

Basil: Can I slide?

Percy: No Basil, because you will knock me over if you do.

Basil: Oh, OK, maybe later?

Percy: Maybe, we’ll see.

Basil: Percy – What are we going to do with God today?

Percy: We’re going to use paint and crayons and play doh.

Basil: That sounds a bit messy – doesn’t God mind the mess?

Percy: No, I don’t think so, God loves the world and that can be very messy in places.

Basil: How can we use paint and crayons and play doh and pray?

Percy: Well, you see, you can think about what colour you feel like.

Basil: Do you mean, like if I feel happy I might choose a colour that feels a happy colour?

Percy: Yes, Basil.

Basil: And then what?                                    

Percy: Well then you ask God what colour God would like and where God would like you to put that colour.

Basil: Oh, and then it’s like God is joining in too!

Percy: Yes.

Basil: And you can see where God is.

Percy: Yes, and then talk to each other about it.

Basil: Oh, like when I tell you what I have done when we use paint and play doh and crayons.

Percy: Yes.

Basil: Can I use your helmet to put my paint in?

Percy: No Basil, I remember last time and you put glue in my helmet.

Basil: And I didn’t ask you.

Percy: You’re right, you didn’t ask and I didn’t know till I put my helmet on at work.

Basil: And we had to go to the hospital later to get it taken off didn’t we?

Percy: Yes, and it took a long time to get the glue out of my fur.

Basil: Yes, I am sorry about that.

Percy: That’s OK, and thank you for asking this time.

Basil: Can we go and do some art now?

Percy: Yes, Basil, have fun everybody.

Basil: Can I slide now?

Percy: I suppose so, wait for me to get out of the way. Bye bye everyone.

Basil: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! See you next week!

(Handout: Basil and Percy on art and prayer)


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